Frequently Asked Questions


1- How do restaurants owner register?

You will find the form for Registration. . The interested restaurants will fill the form for Registration, and Restaurant/owner account will be automatically created. 


An email will be sent to them.The restaurant owner will need to log in with the email and password (generated password can change if he wants on the profile page). 

After that, the owner can start filling the items/categories for his restaurant.

Initially, they are assigned to a free plan.



2- Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

Sure. Your paid subscription can be cancelled anytime by shifting to Free plan.

3- Can I change my plan later on?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime. The money paid for the previous subscription will be recalculated to the new plan.

4- How can I create the menu?

Just click the "JOIN NOW" Button and Register your restaurant. You can create a menu there. For any help contact us : contacto@justmeal.menu

5- Will you renew my subscription automatically?

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your pay period.

6- Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer 17% discount for payment per year. There may be other temporary discounts, check for this inside the service.

7- How much it will cost?

For QR based menus without ordering it is Free. For web/table/room ordering the pricing will be €20 per month or €199 per year (excluding VAT / IVA no incluido)

We accept payments with Bitcoin too

We accept Bitcoin

8-  Can I add multiple languages?

Yes, at the moment you can add English, Spanish and Swedish language or translate via google translate to any language.

9-  Are there any limits on number of items or views or orders?

There are no limits on number of views. On items there is a fair usage limit 30 items in the FREE PLAN.

The upper limit for web/room/table orders is 300 orders per month, Unlimited items in the menu in the STARTER PLAN.  

Unlimited views, unlimited items in the menu, unlimited orders in the PRO PLAN.

10- Will the QR codes of tables/rooms be same or different?

Both the options are available, you can have a single menu QR code same everywhere or indivudual QR codes for rooms / tables.

11- Can we attach a thermal printer?

Yes you can.

12- What payment modes are supported?

Cash is supported by default. We have support for payment gateways in most of the countries.



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